I know you have heard of the Secret. So many people were and are into that concept. That is all well and good. But does it really work. When I work with my clients I do an initial free consultation. Why? Because I want to see if they are ready to do the work to get to what ever goal it is they are trying to reach. It takes work. We can not just hope things will change and not do the work. What is the thing that holds up back. The belief that you can actually obtain the thing you want for one thing, but it goes much deeper than that. It takes reprogramming your subconscious mind to make that belief system be congruent with your conscious mind. We conduct our behavior from our subconscious mind. If we say we want something is that in fact what we really believe we deserve. Next time you say you want something take a few minutes and listen to the little voice is it congruent with what you want? If not start to process what you really think and feel.

I have talked to so many people that chase that dream only to find out nothing happens. Being congruent is a biggy in accomplishing your desires. One thing I can say that may be of some help is repetition in programming your subconscious is very important. Make a recording of some sentences that depict what you are trying to achieve. Put it on an I Pad or on something you can listen to. When you go to sleep listen to it while you sleep. Do this every night. You will start to see the shift of your thinking, and then a shift of what your true intentions need to be to make you reality happen. Remember the subconscious mind does not know what is reality and what is not. Also remember nothing is going to fall from the sky for you. You still have to do what ever it takes to make your reality happen. For example you can’t expect the perfect job to come your way or win the lottery if you don’t play or go for the interview. This process I have talked about simply removes the mental road blocks that stand in your way of your great achievements. Now go out in the world and be GREAT!