Forensic Hypnosis



About half of Texas police officers are certified to use Forensic Hypnosis.
Chief Robert Payne has used hypnosis in dozens of cases in his 30 years as an Allegheny County Detective in Texas.
Forensic Hypnosis is a crime fighting tool that is often kept secret even though it has been used in high profile cases in the D.C. area and across the country.
Forensic Hypnosis was put on the map in  1976 in California when a school bus driver and 27 students were kidnapped and buried alive. The driver escaped, underwent hypnosis, and remembered the license plate number of the abductors van.
Senior special agent John Kilnapp of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is a sketch artist who is trained in Forensic Hypnosis. By having both skills, he is able to help victims’ recall in conjunction with creating a visual likeness of the suspect. He sites that with crime victims, hypnosis may be the only way to recover the details of traumatic events they witnessed.

Here are the topics you will be focusing on in my discussions for forensic hypnosis:

  • The History of Forensic Hypnosis
  • How to avoid leading
  • Five requirements of success
  • Where to conduct sessions
  • How much time to invest                               
  • What to charge
  • Forensic Phraseology                               
  • The use of 10 codes
  • The police interview                               
  • Regression for vehicle information
  • Regression for sounds                               
  • Regression to view the perpetrator
  • Memory enhancement                               
  • The use of truisms
  • Metaphors and forensic hypnosis
  • The 20 steps for forensic hypnosis
  • The court check list                               
  • Reasons we forget
  • The 12 rules to always remember
  • The construction theory
  • Avoiding problems                               
  • Cognitive recall
  • Reliving regression                               
  • The use of a safety zone
  • Anesthesia in forensic sessions
  • Ideo-motor


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