Hypnosis Services

Stacey offers the following Hypnosis Services:

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General Hypnosis Sessions

Hypnosis and N.L.P as well as Emotional Freedom Technique can be helpful for many issues. Self-Esteem, Self Confidence, Fear, Fear of public speaking, Allergies, Procrastination, just to name a few. I offer a free initial consultation. Please feel free to contact me for your consultation. Number of sessions to achieve your goals depend on individual situations.  I am not a Dr. the modalities I use are holistic and complementary to traditional therapy.

Painless Childbirth Sessions 

More information on our Painless Childbirth Sessions coming soon.

Stress Management for Caregivers, Social Workers and Teachers

Stress can be a daunting issue.  It can manifest into physical and emotional issues.  As someone that has worked in the substance abuse field for years, I can testify to the effects of stress and how it can impact us in a very negative way.  We all deal with stress on a daily basis, however, the key is to be able to de-stress before it manifests into disease. <<More about Stress Management for Caregivers, Social Workers and Teachers


Weight Loss Protocol

6 week protocol sessions for weight loss, email and follow up available 6 weeks include, weight loss hypnosis, exercise motivation, stop self sabotaging your success, emotional eating issues, stress management, take home CD’s for continued motivation that address your unique issues, hypnosis to change food habits, addressing triggers that may get in the way of your progress. <More information on Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Eliminating Negative Habits

Hypnosis to stop cravings, work on negative habits, naturally. This is a 6 week class, includes hypnosis CD’s that are exclusive to your issues for continued positive reinforcement, follow up visits and emails. Hypnosis to address stress management, coping skills to address triggers, environment issues people places and things triggers, self-image issues, self- esteem, self- confidence building, self hypnosis taught for reinforcement and stress management. Addressing negative habits in the privacy of your own home.

Sales Optimization Using N.L.P Techniques ( coming soon)

How can Neuro Linguistic Programming training help your sales staff to optimize and excel in their sales productivity. Trust is everything in sales, how can your sales person stand out from the competition? Trust. Building rapport is everything. Promoting listening skills and using non-verbal communication works wonders in promoting trust in a prospective client or customer. Using these powerful, easy and effective techniques along with others can make a drastic difference in your sales staff productivity from just being okay or being excellent. In turn having these techniques under their belt also has the advantage of promoting confidence in your staff. I hold day or weekend training seminars. These training seminars can be helpful for Real Estate, Mortgage, Auto Mobile Dealerships, and Corporation. Call For Fee Structure

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Contact Stacey for your free initial consultation.

Pricing & Terms:

Hypnosis sessions are $125 for first session and $99 for every session after.

Stacey offers a free 30 minute Initial Consultation for both Coaching and Hypnosis sessions.

There is no client relationship until we both have agreed to work together towards your goals.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. No one is the same. Each case is different. I am the road map, you are the driver. The results depend on your commitment to do the necessary work that has to be done to achieve your goals.


  • Confidence (releasing the past)
  • Fears
  • Painless childbirth
  • Stress management
  • Weight loss

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