Watch What You Think, You May Just Make It Your Reality

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Watch What You Think, You May Just Make It Your Reality

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By Stacey Cox Giovanni

Have you ever wondered why you always have the worst luck? Like a black cloud always is over you? I can relate. The way we think the positive or negative attitude we present is what comes back to us. If you were raised in a negative environment or you are currently in a negative environment this has a strong impact on what comes to you. I was told a long time a go to be aware of my thought and my vibrations. I thought they were crazy. But I studied my though process and what came of it. Sure enough this turned out to be true. It intrigued me so I studied further and started to use the things I had read. Guess what my whole life changed.

I am the guru of negative things happening to me from childhood up. It impacted my thought process, my decision process and generally my whole life. I always wondered why all these bad things were happening to me. I felt I was cursed. During my reading I discovered something. My past I mean being a child raised in an abusive and negative, emotionally and physically environment was the reason. Pure and simple, I was a product of my childhood programming.

You see the mind is like a computer, it records everything that is said and everything that happens to you and around you. I learned this when I was studying hypnotherapy. It opened my eyes. I started to work on my self with self-hypnosis and later when I learned about EFT (emotional freedom technique) I was a changed person. I no longer was a scared little girl with low self-esteem and low-confidence. My whole life changed.

I am assertive even to a point of being down right cocky ha ha. Ya know what, it feels good. I am no longer a wall flower and afraid to speak up for myself. I am sure you have heard of the law of attraction. Did you ever try it? Did it work? Wonder why? Think about how you think. What is the writing on your walls? Are you positive or negative? Be careful of what and how you think believe me I learned the hard way. You get what you focus on. Silly as that may sound to you. Try for one week an experiment. Try to only think positive. Be aware of what happens to you and how people respond to you.. By all means watch what you say to other people. Watch what you are writing on their walls. Start making a note on how you feel about yourself. How are your days changing, how are the people around you treating you. People treat you the way you perceive yourself.

If you have a low image of yourself, others will ultimately react to you in the same manner. It all comes down to what your belief’s are. I don’t mean religious belief’s, I mean your belief of what you are deserve in life. If you have limited out look on what you deserve you may be limiting what you can achieve. You see the things people say to us as we are growing up and even as an adult define what we believe we are capable of doing or having. Think about what your dreams are and what you want, are you getting them? If not why not? What do you believe you deserve or have in your life? If you are not getting what you want where is that coming from? Think about it. I took a hard look at what was going on with me. I realized I was my own worse enemy. I let other people write on my wall’s and even more tragic, I let my self believe what they perceived was true. How did I change that? I had a client tell me one time, everyone tells me to get my life together. No one ever has told me how. So here is my solution to that problem. I use EFT and Self Hypnosis on myself to make that change I needed. You can to read there are a lot of books out there on self hypnosis and EFT. Teach your self how.

My name is Stacey Cox Giovanni, I am a Certified Hypnotist, Master Neuro Linguistic Program Coach and Instructor, EFT Practitioner, and Professional Keynote Speaker. I specialize in working with abused and removing negative belief systems to over-come the trauma of abuse. Education on these subjects is the topic of my speaking as well as education on substance abuse and gang related activity. You can learn more about me by visiting my web site at


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