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Stacey Cox Giovanni: Life Coaching, Emergency Hypnosis, Stress Management, Weight Loss

Here is the way I approach helping others move forward from trauma:

It can be a long hard road to recovery from trauma, you don’t have to do it alone. I have been down that same road and I am living breathing proof you can do it as well. We need to have a support system in place to be able to heal, I believe we all have the capabilities to heal and move forward, however sometimes we need the helping hands of someone that has been there to really go forward. Working with me: I will help you to understand what has happened is not you fault, rebuild the confidence and self esteem and more importantly help you to regain your sense of control that has been taken away from you.

With my experience as an addiction and abuse specialist and Coach, I can help you to over come to sense of feeling hopeless and helpless and turn it to feelings of strength, confidence, and believe that anything is possible.

I combine using emotional freedom technique, neuro linguistic and self- hypnosis to put you on the right road again. I teach all of the techniques to my clients so they can continue to help themselves. Because lets face it, after the trauma has gone life still happens. You will be able to take life on without life taking you on.

We will work on all these aspects of your recovery:

Education on trauma:Everything you need to know about what you are feeling. an overview about what is happening in your subconscious. This gives you valuable insight on the why’s and how’s of trauma.

Treatment options: We will be discussing what EFT and N.L.P is and how it can benefit you in your healing process. How you can start taking control back and keep the control back in your life. We will be working on recognizing triggers, programming, guilt, shame, care- taking, and self sabotage.

Re-inventing yourself: When we have experienced trauma, we tend to lose our sense of who we are. We will be talking about how to move forward after the trauma has been eliminated. For some of us we are victims of trauma for so long, we need to find who we are post trauma. This can be a daunting task sometimes. In our sessions we can start to look at the person you want to be and find your true belief system that help you achieve your highest good.

Here are ways we can work together: Email me for a free consultation, We can discuss your particular situation and see if working with me would benefit you and your needs.

Stacey Helps People Help Themselves.

I firmly believe that people have the ability to heal. If it’s working with people with emotional eating, test anxiety, relationship, addiction or abuse issues. We can all heal. We just need a road map. I am here to give you the road map, you just need to take the road to success and happiness. We all have the right to be whole and happy. Don’t you agree? What road are you on now? If you are not on the road to happiness ask yourself why. Results may vary with individuals. As with anything else. It takes commitment from the client to be able to heal as well. These treatment modalities used are not a replacement for traditional therapy, they are complimentary.


  • Confidence (releasing the past)
  • Fears
  • Painless childbirth
  • Stress management
  • Weight loss

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